Your Relationship with Yourself Sets the Tone For All Other Relationships

Your Relationship with Yourself Sets the Tone For All Other Relationships

 You have to make sure the relationship with yourself is ON POINT because that's what sets the tone for ALL your relationships. As you build that strong relationship with yourself, you must set the vision, create parameters, know your purpose and identity. 

      Often times our relationships are a reflection of what we grew up around. Our environment plays a major role, regardless if it's bad or good. We pick up those habits unconsciously. It is up to you to break those habits by not allowing others to treat you that way. 


During this journey of choosing you, it may get lonely. Throughout this process you may have to isolate yourself and go through these obstacles. You will go through a lot of emotions - good, bad and the ugly, but that's what builds you up and makes you stronger in the end.


This journey of your relationship with yourself is literally you dating yourself. Like any relationship you get to know each other ( in this case get to know you again),  discover likes and dislikes, and support one another. You should do the same. You have involve so during this time get to know the new you. Root for yourself. Become your biggest cheerleader! Be honest with yourself. 


Here are a few steps to strengthen your relationship with yourself,

   The first step is to create boundaries. Boundaries are needed so that there are no miscommunication.

  Second step is to stick to those boundaries. When we say one thing and another, it sends mix signal and sends red flags.

Mean what you say & say what you mean - like your momma always says

Say it with me- I love me more!  Within the relationship with yourself you have to mentally and physically allow yourself to act and feel like we deserve better. Once you begin to act and feel like you deserve better it will show. You attract what your thoughts allows. It's the law of attraction. 


Forgiveness is key! Forgive yourself from any past mistakes and/failures. You are human. Mistakes are made during the learning process. Remember to learn from the mistakes. Only a fool never changes his mind!


Third, do not deem your light because others complain of the glare. If you ever feel the need to do this, you are in the wrong settle.


Lastly, fall in love with yourself again! Love on yourself a little harder. Discover the things that makes your light shine and your heart warm inside. Prioritize your self care. Remember to journal throughout this process. There will be days where you may cry yourself to sleep a night. There will also be days you feel joy. Your journal is there for you during both days.

If you need more help on starting this journey check out our  Self Love Journey: 16 Days of Self Love ebook.


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