Ashley E's Must Haves Skincare Products

Ashley E's Must Haves Skincare Products

We sat down with Ashley - a long time customer of ours, since 2020, to talk about her top 3 must have products from Natural Glow Environmentally Friendly Facials, her skincare routine and self care routine.


Ashley has combination skin type. When shopping for skincare products she looks for products that are mild or unscented, reduce breakouts and gets rid of dark marks.  


Ashley is still figuring out her skin care routine. As we all know skin care can be overwhelming, especially as you begin to age and seasons begin to change. On Sundays' you can catch Ashley applying a face mask or our Turmeric Exfoliating Scrub and lighting candles as her phone is on DND while she takes a mental break. She dedicates Sundays to skincare, haircare and self care as it helps her reset, fill her cup up and feel empowered as she begins to prepare for a new week. This is something she looks forward to every Sunday. Currently her morning skincare routine includes Rose Marie Face Wash, Rose Marie toner, and  hydrating sunscreen. Once a week she includes our Turmeric Exfoliating Scrub. Her night routine includes the Rose Marie Collection, which makes doing her night time routine simple and easy to follow. Like many of us, we are ready to lay down after a long day. The Rose Marie Collection is a great night time skincare routine, including only three simple steps.


One of Ashley's must have product from Natural Glow is the Rose Marie Face Wash. This unscented face wash is not harsh on the skin like most cleansers and leaves her skin feeling fresh after washing it, while giving it a glow - even before applying the Rose Marie toner or hydrating oil. She uses the cleanser twice a day during her morning and night time routine, lasting her a month. Another must have product from Natural Glow is the Rose Marie toner. When using this product, a little goes a long way, and gives your skin that nice glow! This product helps get rid of dark marks and soothe the skin. Last but not least, Ashley's FAVORITE product from Natural Glow is the  Turmeric Exfoliating Scrub. She love how it is not harsh on the skin and leaves her skin feeling fresh and clean. Removing all of the dirt. The scent is sweet and lasts her a little over a month since she uses it once a week. These products has help her achieve her skincare goals of reducing breakouts and getting rid of dark marks.



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