Natural Glow Self Love Challenge X Creating a Self Care Routine

Natural Glow Self Love Challenge X Creating a Self Care Routine

What better way to start Women's History Month off than helping women learn how to prioritize self care. On March 12, 2023 we partnered up with Fix Her Crown a nonprofit organization that provides life skills development, and mentorship opportunities while creating a safe space for girls, teens, and women to thrive in the real world, to host our first in person Natural Glow Self Love Challenge. The topic for that session was learning your self love language and how to incorporate self love into your daily routine. We've had women of all ages in the room. Many of these women are mothers who have daughters ( who also got to create their own self care routine) who express how sometime it is hard to get a minute to their selves. Some activities we came up with was booking a hotel once a month where they can just be alone and relax, setting time at the end of the day to run a bath and treating yourself to a healthy snack. These are some great self care activities for those who self love language is quality time, physical touch and/or activities of services. Keep in mind that you can have traits of all 5 self love languages.


I've begun Natural Glow Self Love Challenge back in 2018 after experiencing my first anxiety attack while in college. I was dealing with being in a new environment, lost of love ones and being a college student.

As women, we carry many roles such as being a mother, daughter, friend, sister, wife, mentor, employer, boss ( fill in your role) which often times looks like putting other people needs before our own, forcing us to put ourselves last. Within our community mental health is not talk about and often times looked at in a negative way. The Self Love Challenge was created to help eliminate the stigmas of mental health and start helping women learn to prioritize self love through self care.

Here are some other activities we came up with during our time together for each 5 Self Love Languages


Quality Time

  • Journal and reflecting
  • Get dressed up and take yourself out on a solo date

Words of Affirmation

  • Write yourself a love letter
  • Write affirmations on sticky notes and hang them around your home

Physical Touch

  • Warming up your moisturizer and massage your body
  • Yoga

Receiving Gifts

  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant

Acts of Service

  • Meal prep
  • Getting things out the night before to save yourself time and stress

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